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    • Up to 13 3/8 Casing
    • 550,000# Lift
  • Reda Cable/ Spooling/Trailer
  • External Catch Fishing Tools
    • Releasing-Circulating Overshots
    • Side Door Overshots
    • Rod Overshots
    • Short Catch Overshots
    • Lock Rings-Spacers
    • HP Packoff Assemby
    • Overshot Mill Guide
    • Mill Control Packer
    • Overshot Oversize Guide
    • Overshot Wallhook Guide
    • Rotary Die Collars
  • Internal Catch Fishing Tools
    • Spear Assembly Flush Type Mandrel
    • Spear Assembly Shoulder Type Mandrel
    • Releasing Spear Stop Sub Assembly
    • Segmented Spear Grapple Assembly
    • Releasing Spear Packoff Assembly
    • Taper Taps
    • Optional Nuts
  • Junk Catchers
    • Fishing Magnets
    • Core Type Junk Baskets
    • Reverse Circulation Junk Baskets
    • Full Flow Reverse Circulation Junk Baskets
    • Junk Catcher Assembly
  • Drilling, Milling/Cutting Tools
    • Welded Cup Junk Sub
    • Threaded Cup Junk Sub
    • Standard External Cutters
    • Internal Cutters
    • Hydraulic External Cutters
    • Rotary Shoes
    • Fixed & Variable Blade, Non-rotating Stabilizers
  • Down time is LOST PRODUCTION. That's why we keep such a large stock of tools ON HAND.
    A small portion of our In-Stock Tools
    • Repair & Remedial Tools
      • Casing Roller
      • Casing Scraper
      • Lead Seal Casing Patch
      • Lead Seal Cementing Casing Patch
      • Tubing Scraper
      • Type A Packer Type Casing Patch
      • Type A Packer Type Tubing Patch
      • Type L Packer Type Casing Patch


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